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Currently working on a series with Freakworks using Sony FX9, Sony A1 cameras along with Novoflex Balpro tilt shift macro bellows, Schneider 90mm Apo Digitar Sony Canon macro lenses.

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Recently worked with Director John Bridcut and the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra and a 100 piece choir for a music piece about Michael Tippett the composer. Multi camera shoot with Ken Moulson operating the Jib. Large lighting set up in the Glasgow Fruit Market, Gaffer Naill Smyth.



Developing systems for control of remote cameras and camera mounts.

DOP/cameraman with over 30yrs experience in high-end documentary, Industrial, wildlife, popular factual, drama, commercials and features. Broadcasters include National Geographic, BBC, ITV, C4, and C5 – via independent production companies like IWC Media, Mentorn, JDP, Boundless, Tern TV, and Timeline Films.

I have extensive experience working worldwide as a cinematographer and photographer all over the UK especially in Scotlands Highlands and Islands. Lighting is an area I have a great deal of expertise in and take great care to make presenters and actors look good, I can light large sets ups both with hard and soft sources in everything from studios to caves. I also have a wealth of filming experience in many Industrial, outdoor and maritime environments having worked in oil rigs, ships, factories exposed coastlines, underwater and also in specialist areas such as Macro, Medical and detailed commercial work involving intricate lighting. 

Aviation is an area I have a huge passion for, I have been flying since the early 1990s and flown thousands of hrs P1 and filmed from many platforms including Military Jets, Helicopters, experimental aircraft and microlights.​  

I am a BBC approved drone operator (with Mavic 3 Cine and DJI Inspire 2 drones with the ability to record Prores at 4k). (TV Drone Works).

I have a valid USA i-Visa.


Camera formats include: Arri, Red, Panasonic P2, Sony FX9, FS7, F55, Photron SA2, Canon C300 Mk2.



Stuart Mackenzie, RSA. Working in his studio. Canon C500
Zerb magazine article on
Grand Tours of Scotlands islands.
Zerb magazine article
on the making of Earthflight

Filming BBC titles with Red Epic Dragon and Director Mike Prince.


Rise of the Rockets / Filming Space Shuttle engine. PBS Nova. Bigger Bang Productions.


  • Catching a killer: The murder of Emma Caldwell. Aerial Camera. BBC

  • The Shadow and the Light,  Composer Michael Tippet.  Director John Bridcut. Crux Productions for the BBC.

  • Finding Michael. Drone pilot Scotland Disney+

  • Antiques Roadshow BBC.

  • Diverse Intelligences, Rebel Media USA.

  • Scotlands People, Choirs, Bands and set up surprises. BBC.

  • Grand Tours of Scotland Rivers BBC.

  • Engineering the Future; Tidal / Storage Wars. Bigger Bang.

  • Children in Need BBC.

  • Architecture the railways Built, Brown Bob UKTV

  • Grand Designs. The Street C4.

  • Tiny Wonders BBC / Freakworks.

  • Gardeners World BBC.

  • BBC Last Night of the Proms.

  • Heavenly Gardens BBC1.

  • Springwatch 2020, 2019.

  • Panorama BBC.

  • Back to the Moon. PBS NOVA, Bigger Bang productions.

  • Rise of the Rockets. PBS NOVA.

  • Grand Designs, Boundless.

  • Grand Tours of Scottish Lochs, series 1/2/3 BBC.

  • Raven CBBC.

  • Grand Designs House of the year S2. Boundless / Freemantle Media.

  • Grand Designs the Street.

  • Digging for Britain, 360 Productions.

  • Super Small Animals, Natural History Unit BBC1.

  • National Treasures, IWC for BBC1.

  • Big Life Fix / Studio Lambert BBC Science BBC2.

  • One Show BBC.

  • Supermarket Secrets, BBC.

  • Winter Watch, BBC.

  • Grand Tours of the Scottish Islands. series 4 BBC

  • Tomorrows Food, BBC.

  • Battle for BSL, BBC.

  • Life in the Air, BBC.

  • Autumn Watch, BBC.

  • Pets Wild at Heart JDP. BBC.

  • Life of Dogs, Plimsol / Discovery.

  • Story of Cats, Plimsol / Discovery.

  • Grand Tours of the Scottish BBC / series 3.

  • What Britain Eats.

  • The Worlds Most Expensive Stolen Paintings, IWC Media for BBC2.

  • Unbuilt Britain, Timeline films for BBC4

  • Harvest, NHU BBC1.

  • Trust me I am a Doctor BBC.

  • BAE Systems, Royal Navy Type 45 Destroyer sea trails (Defence Pictures).

  • Grand Tours of Scotland Islands for the BBC series 1,2 & 3.

  • Winged Planet, John Downer Productions for Discovery.

  • Time Team Specials.

  • Extreme Fishing with Robson Green, IWC Media for C5.

  • Earthflight, John Downer Productions, (JDP) BBC 1 / PBS.

  • Maya, Guatemala 2012, Timeline films for National Geographic and C4.

  • Grand Tours of Scotland, series 1,2 & 3. Timeline Films for the BBC.

  • Scottish Clans, series 1 2 & 3 Mentorn Films for BBC.

  • Culture Show, BBC.

  • Grand Designs C4.

  • Blue Peter.

  • Children in Need.

  • History Detectives Lion TV for the BBC.

  • Horizon, Fireguard, Lion TV for the BBC (worked inside burning building wearing breathing apparatus to operate cameras).

  • Lockerbie The Final Verdict, Tower Productions for National Geographic TV.

  • High Times 6 part Comedy Drama STV 2004


BBC Aerials of Scotland.

Patrick Aryee. Super Small Animals.

Mont St Michelle, Barnacle Geese, Earthflight.

  • Coca Cola.

  • Virgin Radio.

  • Scottish Rugby.

  • S1 Jobs.

  • Arnold Clark.


  • Award for Excellence from the Guild of Television Camera Professionals for Grand Tours of the Scottish Islands 2017.

  • Royal Television Society (RTS) Nomination for Photography / Cinematography Grand Tours of the Scottish Islands 2014.

  • Emmy for Outstanding Cinematography - Winged Planet 2013.

  • Royal Television Society Award for Photography Earthflght 2012.

  • Award of Excellence from the Guild of Television Cameramen 2013.

  • Bulldog Award for Cinematography.

  • Arri GB Award for cinematography .

  • BAFTA Nomination (Photography) - Earthflight (with Christian Moulec and Mike Richards).

  • Icare Award (France), Earthflight. 


  • RTS Scotland Nomination 2018 BBC Raven.

  • RTS Nomination 2018 The Big Life Fix with Simon Reeve, series 1.

  • Scottish BAFTA Best Scottish Drama High Times STV / shortlisted for Rose D'Or and Prix Italia TV awards.

  • Scottish Advertising Awards (Best Commercial) For Scottish Rugby.

  • Scottish Advertising Award (Best Commercial) Twinkle Twinkle S1 Jobs.


  • Plymouth College of Art and Design; British Institute of Professional Photography (Distinction in Film).


  • Extensive filming and flying experience, filmed from military jets, vintage aircraft, helicopters, microlights, paragliders and flown over 10,000 hours P1 in many places around the world.


  • Member of the Institute of Advanced Motorists, with comprehensive experience driving all over the world, both on and off road.

Member of the Guild of TV cameramen.

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