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Filming Vultures, South Africa. Natural History Unit BBC Bristol. 

I have worked with Richard Cook for the last five years on Big Life Fix, Horizon, Tomorrows Food, Trust Me I'm a Doctor even Extreme Fishing with Robson Green. He is the most talented, versatile and energetic cameraman I know, with a truck full of gear, a head full of great ideas and a permanent grin. Richard is a joy to work with and I hope our Paths cross again in the very near future.

Tom Watt-Smith, Series Producer

Director Studio Lambert.


I've known Richard Cook professionally for thirteen years. During that time, we've worked together across the UK, Europe, the States and Central America in a variety of often challenging situations, from the jungles of Guatemala to the rock spires of the Cuillin Ridge. On every occasion, Richard has been a huge asset to the production. His combination of artistic flare, attention to detail, problem-solving abilities, drone-piloting skills, and general good cheer make him indispensable. The bigger the challenge - the bigger Richard's infectious grin!

Paul Murton,  Gadabout 


"Richard and I have worked together on shoots in the UK and abroad. Richard brings a clever, original, and artistic eye to every shoot. He thinks deeply about each shot and has an impressive grasp of the possibilities of the latest technology, whether he is shooting miniscule prehistoric insects or cathedral-sized works of art, or whether using his drone to get amazing aerial footage. The result is that editing Richard's work is a constant joy."

Dominic Gallagher, Producer,

IWC Media

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